Why You Should Have a French Bulldog in Your Apartment

You have just moved into your new apartment, and thinking which is the perfect dog breed to make it a home? A cute French bulldog could be your solution that will transform your life. You may be pessimistic whether a bulldog can fit your home situation.
Here are a number of reasons why you should look for a French bulldog in your apartment.

1. French Bulldogs fit Perfectly in your Home

Small dog breeds are the perfect fit for home owners with apartments. The French bulldog has a small build and do not take up much space in your home. Did I mention that it looks so cute hence you will be receiving constant compliments from your visitors?

You have probably witnessed the activeness of Rottweiler in homes, but this is unlike the case when owning a Frenchie. with a Frenchie in your apartment, you no longer need to worry about sleepless nights. This makes for a perfect fit for a dog that lives in an apartment.

2. Less Care and Time

I really have enjoyed my living time with my cute Frenchie, and would really like to see you feel the same thing. Unlike other dog breeds that require a lot of attention from constant walks in the park, the Frenchies are different. The inactiveness of the French bulldog makes it less likely to take walks. Instead of going outside, the Frenchie prefer to lay around the house all day.

The backyard is enough training and exercising ground for your Frenchie. Alternatively, you will find her most times cooped up in her favorite couch spot all day. Low energy breeds for dogs includes the French bulldogs. There is no need to take out your Frenchie for a walk every day.

3. Well Behaved

The best part about having a French bulldog is that they are well mannered. The best part about owning a Frenchie is that they make less noises while in your apartment hence becoming the best roommate to keep. They are very alert and only bark in case of an interference in your home or when something is not right. French bulldogs take up little time when getting accustomed to a new home and are a charming partner.

Thin Fur Coat

The major problem home owners have with dog is with the shedding of fur. You can get allergies from all the fur in your home. French bulldogs have a short fur coat. Normally, Frenchies shed twice in a year and remove the undercoat. You can groom and clean the Frenchies easily. During the fall land spring is when the Frenchies shed their fur. The shedding reduces after the first week. You will have to constantly vacuum their hair from your apartment.

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