A Guide to Choosing the Right Ruby

Ruby is among the most highly regarded and costly gemstone one of the markets. Those red stones glittering with an inner light is associated with beauty, love and value making them liked by many. Inclusions, which would detract from the charm of other stones, can bring a distinct character to a ruby, which would be a good option for your piece of jewelry. Nevertheless, because gem-quality natural rubies, are uncommon and they are in high demand, synthetics and imitations are prevalent. Additionally, rubies need to be subjected to more treatment and improvements. Therefore, before you embark on your search for the perfect ruby, first learn how to distinguish quality of a ruby to avoid possible pitfall. So how do you identify a quality natural ruby when the process is taxing especially if you are new to the experience? In the piece are a couple of factors to take into perspective and assist you in finding the right ruby.

To start with, you ought to partner with a reputable gemstone company if you want a guarantee that you will get the right ruby. Purchasing your ruby from the wrong gem company will only guarantee failure where you will get a poor quality stone that, meaning you will be getting losses. For that reason, it is imperative that you seek your dream ruby from a gemstone that holds the right licensure and experience needed to offer the right product. Make sure you are checking for certifications as they are a proof that the company the right expertise needed to cut, treat, improve as well as examine the stone to give the best stone. Go for a gemologist like the rare gemstone company who has substantial experience in gemology, and therefore hold advanced skills and understanding in the field to offer quality rubies.

Whereas red is the main color of the precious stone, the color can have variety. For that reason, be sure you are checking on the color you want, more precisely the strength the color red. The perfect option should display a concentrated, rich crimson color without being too light or too dim. You don’t want one that is too light or dark as it is less highly valued.

Last but not least, make sure you are looking at the clarity of your ruby. When it comes to clarity, rubies are not as clean as sapphire. For certain rubies, tremendously fine silk all over the stone is enough to augment the value. However, many rubies have a rich red fluorescence to daylight which adds considerably to the gem’s beauty. Whereas a definite volume of silk is essential to generate a star effect in star ruby, excess silk thins the color resulting in a grayish effect which is unattractive.

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